The Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter is an important document that provides one source of communication between the school, parents and the general community.

We encourage all parents and students to regularly read the newsletter, as it contains important information for the weeks ahead. You can view the current and previous newsletters below.

  2019 Term 1 Week 11 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, First Day of Term 2 and Uniforms, ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Author Visit, School Fees, Church Pews for Sale, Easter Raffle, March Birthdays, Easter Show Performance, Easter Mass Timetable, Mother's Day Celebration, Project Compassion Caritas Day, Community Notices


  2019 Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, Inquiry Based Learning, National Leaders Convention, School Fees, Teddy Bears Picnic, Happy Birthday Wishes, Extended Leave - Travel Application, Easter Mass Timetable, Project Compassion, Community Messages

  2019 Term 1 Week 9 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, Thank You from Mrs Pace, Statement on the Christchurch Attack, 2019 MIPS Cross Country Results, School Fees, Trial P&F Meeting, Parent Retreat and Animators Day, Community Messages

  2019 Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, Inter-School Cricket Tournament, MIPS Cross Country Fun Run, Library News, School Fees, Naplan Letter, COSHC Vacation Care and Community Notice

  2019 Term 1 Week 7

In this issue: Cardinal George Pell Update, School photo's, School Fees 2019, Year 3 excursion, Premier's Reading challenge 2019, Book Club News, Mufti Day Friday 15th of March, Cross Country Fun Run, Winter Uniforms 2019, Young Bereaved Spouses Support Group and Important Dates and Events

  2019 Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, Open Day 2019, School Fees, Welcome Note, Early Years Testing, Year 6 Canberra Camp, Year 4 Excursion, Premier's Reading Challenge and Community Notices

  2019 Term 1 Week 5

P&F Meeting Postponed, Car Park Behaviour, Goal Setting, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Years 6 Experience High School, Zone Swimming, Bake Sale, Upcoming Dates

  2019 Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

In this issue: Beginning of school year mass, Student leadership, Refurbished bathrooms, Open Day, Zone Swimming Carnival, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Creative Kids Vouchers, Australian Government assistance for National Capital excursion, Bus Safety Week, Upcoming Events.

  2019 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter

World Youth Day , Open day , Enrolments 2020, Learning and Education, Departure from School, Uniform shops, Bake sale,

  2019 Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2019 school year, Open Day, Sports Uniforms, Learning, Opal Card, Diocesan Team Nominations, Arrival at School, Uniforms, Canteen, Upcoming Dates

  Term 4 Week 10 2018 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Mrs William's Farewell Message, 2019 Dates, MAI instructions

  Term 4 Week 9 2018 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Return Dates in 2019...

  Term 4 Week 8 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates for 2019, Religious Education News, Skip-a-thon 2018, The Curious Christmas Elf, Primary Swimming Carnival, High School Week, Birthdays, PDHPE Notice, Community Announcements & more...

  Term 4 Week 7 Newsletter 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Reconciliation Notice, Learning at MIPS, Uniform Shop Trading Hours, P&F Annual General Meeting 2018, 2018 School Fees, Swimming Carnival, Library News, Community News and much more....!

  Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Staff Development Day, Project Based Learning, Cultural Exchange, P&F General Meeting, Primary Swimming Carnival, The Curious Christmas Elf, Library News, Community Announcements & more..!

  Term 4 Week 5 2018 Newsletter

Principal's Address, Staff Development Day...

  2018 Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Address ....

  Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter 2018

Principal's Address, Kindergarten 2019 Orientation Session 3 ...

  Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter 2018

In this issue: Message from Principal, Staff Development Day, Swimming Carnival, Kindergarten 2019 Orientation, 2018 School Fees, Socktober Fundraiser, Canteen Special, 2019 Mathematics Assessment Interviews, Trivia night Fundraiser, Year 6 MOTIV8 Sports Day and much more....!

  Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter 2018

Kindergarten 2019 Orientation, Socktober Fundraiser, Trivia Night ...

  2018 Term 4 Week 1 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Update, Socktober, Carpark Reminder, Year 4 Project Based Learning, NSW Parliament Visit, Student Banking, Trivia Night, Student Star Spot, Community Announcements & more...

  2018 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Socktober, Mini Vinnies, Reconciliation, Year 6 Debating

  2018 Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

Walkathon, Social Media Age Limits, Disco, Trivia Night, Mini Vinnies,

  2018 Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Message, Disco, COSHC Vacation Care

  Term 2 Week 8 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Address, Whole school assembly, MIPS Sports, Year 6 Debating, School Fees 2018, Family Fun Night

  Term 2 week 5 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Address, Sacrament of Confirmation Online Registration Form 2018, Stage 3 Girls Soccer Gala Day, ICAS Science Competition, Whole School Assembly, Family Fun Night.

  Term 2 Week 4 2018

In this issue: Principal's Address, Tell Them From Me Survey, 2019 Enrolments, School Photos, School Fees, Athletics Fun Day, Year 5 Bathurst Excursion, ICAS Science Competition, Arrival and Departure, Community Announcements & more...

  Term 2 Week 3

Principal's Message, Winter Uniforms, Upcoming Events, School Fees, NAPLAN, Arrival and Departure, School Photos, Community Reminders & more...

  Term 2 Week 2 2018

Principal's Update, New Play Area, Mother's Day Celebrations, Birthdays, School Fees, Winter Uniform Transition, Arrival and Departure from School, Parent Helpers, NAPLAN & more...

  Term 2 Week 1 2018

Principal's Address, School Fees, Winter Uniform Transition, Arrival and Departure, Carpark Etiquette, Student Banking, NAPLAN 2018, Mother's Day Celebrations & more...

  Term 1 Week 11 2018

Principal's Update, Court Refurbishment, Sibling Enrolments, School Fees Notice, Birthdays, Winter Uniforms for 2018, Mother's Day Celebrations, Coles Vouchers and Community Notices

  Term 1 Week 9 2018

Principal's Update, Good Friday Celebration, Easter Vigil in the Holy Night, Easter Raffle, Winter Uniforms, COSHC, School Fees Notice & more

  Term 1 Week 8 2018

Principal's Update, Book Club News, Cross Country 2018, Easter Raffle, Lenten Season, School Fees Notice & more

  Term 1 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 6 2018 Newsletter

  Term 1 Week 5 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 5 2018 Newsletter

  Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 4 Newsletter

  Term 1 Week 3 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 3 2018 Newsletter

  Term 1 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 2 2018 Newsletter

  Term 1 Week 1 2018 Newsletter

Term 1 Week 1 2018 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 10 2017 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 10 2017 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 9 2017 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 9 2017 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 8 2017 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 8 2017 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 7 2017 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 7 2017 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 5 2017

sport postponed, disco, kindy orientation, literacy links, birthdays, canteen menu

  Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

  Term 4 Week 1 2017 Newsletter

Term 4 Week 1 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 10 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 10 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 9 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 9 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 8 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 8 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 7 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 7 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 6 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 6 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 5 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 5 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 4 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 4 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 3 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 3 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 2 2017 Newsletter

Term 3 Week 2 2017 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 1

Please find attached the newsletter for Week 1.

  Term 2 Week 10 2017

Student-led conferences, Seesaw app. book week, Birthdays,

  Term 2 Week 9 2017

Sacrament of First Eucharist, Uniform Shop, Student-Led Conferences

  Term 2 Week 8 2017

Athletics Fun Day, School Fees, School Travel Application 2017

  Term 2 Week 7 2017

Uniform shop, Medication, Extended Leave Application, Captivate

  Term 2 Week 6 2017

Principal report, National Simultaneous Storytime, COSHC, Book Club News, Birthdays

  Term 2 Week 5 2017

Student Led Conferences, Cross Country

  Term 2 Week 4 2017

Mass times, Principal report, Healthy Harold

  Term 2 Week 3 2017

Mother's Day, Building Child Safe Communities, Book Club, Uniform shop, winter uniform, school photos

  Term 2 Week 2 2017

Principal's report, Mothers day celebrations, Diocesan Cross Country, Mark Taylor Shield, First Eucharist, Birthdays

  Term 2 Week 1 2017

Staff News, Uniform, Library News

  Term 1 Week 11 2017

Staff Development Day, Anzac Day Service, Library News, Uniform Shop

  Term 1 Week 10 2017

cross country, swimming results, uniform shop, captivate, school hours

  Term 1 Week 9 2017

uniform shop, bingo night, cross country, extended leave application, school fees, birthdays, COSHC, Book Club

  Term 1 Week 8 2017

All things aussie wednesday, Diocesan swimming carnival, enrolment information evening 2018, Book club news, bingo night, catholic out of school hours care, uniform shop

  Term 1 Week 6 2017

Open Day, Enrolment Information Evening, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Catholic Schools Week, School Fees, Uniform Shop

  Term 1 Week 5 2017

Principal report, Open Day, Enrolment information evening, medication,Book Club, School fees, Birthdays

  Term 1 Week 4 2017

Developing Literacy Partnerships, Kindy & Year 1 Sports Uniform, Book Club News,

  Term 1 Week 3 2017

Principal report, School Hours, School Arrival, School Departures, Uniform Shop, Swimming Carnival results

  Term 1 Week 2 2017

School uniform, medication, school hours, arrival and departure, Skoolbag app, Library, Bus Travel

  Term 4 Week 10 2016

Staff, Christmas Mass

  Term 4 Week 9 2016

Parish Carols Evening, Talent Showcase, Year 6 Cake Stall, Uniform Shop, School Fees, Upcoming Events

  Term 4 Week 8 2016

Please find attached the revised Term 4 Week 8 newsletter.

  Term 4 Week 7 2016

Christmas Through the Eyes of Mary, School Disco, Leaving Students, Book Club News, Diocesan Team Sports Trials, Carols by Candlelight, Talent Showcase

  Term 4 Week 6 2016

Principal's report, Star spot, disco, year 5 camp

  Term 4 Week 5 2016

Gymnastics, Disco, Remembrance Day,

  Term 4 Week 4 2016

Principal report, Kindy and Year 5 sports day, MIPS Disco, Literacy, Supervision, School Fees, Visitors at Mary Immaculate, Uniform shop, Birthdays, Meal Deal

  Term 4 Week 3 2016

Visitors to Mary Immaculate, Supervision, Uniform Shop, Disco, Tuckshop news, Last day of term, School fees, New Financial Management system

  Term 4 Week 2 2016

Principals report, Supervision, New Financial Management system, P&F Meeting, Curriculum Religious Education

  Term 4 Week 1 2016

P&F Meeting, Upcoming events, Book Club, uniform shop, Way of Mercy, First Reconciliation

  Term 3 Week 10 2016

Principal report, First Reconciliation, Library News, Dates to remember, School Fees, Book Club, Uniform Shop

  Term 3 Week 9 2016

Peer Support, summer uniform, RE News, School fees, playgroup fundraiser

  Term 3 Week 8 2016

Father's Day Celebrations, Mathsethon, RE News, Sports News, Peer Support, School Fees, Birthdays

  Term 3 Week 7 2016

Book Week, Father's Day Celebrations, Peer Support, School Fees,

  Term 3 Week 6 2016

Principal report, book week, Peer support

  Term 3 Week 5 2016

Book Week, Minnie Vinnie news, Peer Support

  Term 3 Week 4 2016

Healthy Kids, Peer Support,St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal, Book Week, Child Protection

  Term 3 Week 3 2016

Peer Support, Life Education, Athletics Fun Day, Book Week, Uniform shop

  Term 3 Week 2 2016

Principal report, Peer Support, Dental Checks, Book Week

  Term 3 Week 1 2016

Book Week, Kindy Enrolments, Fees, Sports Uniform Confirmation 2016

  Term 2 Week 10 2016

Mary Immaculate fun day, canteen roster, birthdays, book week

  Term 2 Week 9 2016

Athletics fun day, School Fees, Book Week

  Term 2 Week 7 2016

Social Skill, Uniform Shop, P&F Meeting, School Disco

  Term 2 Week 6 2016

Playground area opening, School Disco, Canteen, Birthdays

  Term 2 Week 5 2016

Building Child Safe Communities, School photos, 2017 enrolments, Uniform Shop, School Terms

  Term 2 Week 4

Principal report, School photos, new sign in process, Canteen Roster, Happy Birthday

  Term 2 Week 3 Newsletter

Term 2 Week 3 Newsletter

  Term 2 Week 2

Mothers Day, Car Park, Book Club, Supervision Canteen, Birthdays

  Term 1 Week 11

Social Skill, Mothers Day Notes, Uniform Shop, Sports Achievements

  Term 1 Week 9 2016

Holy Week School Fees, Uniform Shop, Social Skill


Open Day Catholic Schools Week Mufti Day 11 March

  Term 1 Week 6 2016

MIPS Open Day, Catholiuc Schools Week, Child Protection, Sacramental Program, Uniform Shop P&F Information

  Term 1 Week 5 2016

Enrolment 2017 Information Evening, Reading Recovery, Open Day, Zone Swimming Carnival, Playground Equipment

  Term 1 Week 4 2016

Principal's report, Child Protection Checks, Project Compassion, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Bingo Night, Birthdays, Canteen Roster, Uniform Shop

  Term 1 Week 3 2016

Ash Wednesday, School Uniform, car park, Electronic Newsletter, Book Club

  Term 1 Week 2 2016

Uniform shop, Enrolment Information Evening, P&F News,

  Term 4 Week 11

Principal Report, Year 6 Graduation, Uniform Shop, P&F news, Mathematics Assessment Interviews, Book Club, Christmas Mass times

  Term 4 Week 10

Principals report, uniform shop, 2016 staff Social Skill,

  Term 4 Week 9

Christmas Carols, Christmas Liturgy for Littlies, Uniform Shop, Afternoon Dismissal, School Fees,Parramatta Diocesan Team Sport Trials

  Term 4 Week 8

Newsletter for Term 4 Week 8

  Term 4 Week 7

Twilight Swimming Carnival, Cancellation of Working Bee, Star Spot, Uniform Shop,P&F News, Scholast Book Club, Social Skills, Christmas Carols,

  Term 4 Week 6

Principal Report, Christmas Concert, Social Skills, Supervision, Library News, Swimming Carnival, Working Bee

  Term 4 Week 5

Diocesan Gymnastics, Working Bee, Star Spot, P&F, Cool Kids Music, Athletics Results, Swimming Carnival

  Term 4 Week 4

Principal report, Staffing, First Reconciliation, Uniform Donation, Social Skill, Star Spot, Canteen, Birthdays

  Term 4 Week 3

Principal report, staffing news, working bee, uniform shop, disco,P&F Annual General Meeting

  Term 4 Week 2

Parent Calendar, uniform shop, Social Skills Birthdays

  Term 4 Week 1

Term 4 Week 1's newsletter

  Term 3 Week 10

Uniform Shop, School Fees, Staff and student illness, Anaphylactic students, Canteen Roster, Birthdays, Skip-a-thon, Social Skills, Disco

  Term 3 Week 9

Father's Day Celebrations, Supervision, Jersey Day, Phone Outage 8th September, Cybersmart awareness, Uniform Shop, PRC parent presentation

  Term 3 Week 8

All the exciting news in Term 3 week 8!

  Term 3 Week 7

Newsletter for Term 3 Week 7

  Term 3 Week 6

Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

  Term 3 Week 5

Social Skills, Skip a thon, Woolworths earn and learn, Literacy Writing, Life Education

  Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Newsletter for Week 4 of Term 3

  Term 3 Week 3

Social Skills WriteOn Writing Competition, Skip-a-thon, Maths problem of the week, Literacy Writing Tips, Stage 2 Soccer, Spelling Bee

  Term 3 Week 2

Supervision at Mary Immaculate, Primary Sports Event, P&F, Anaphylactic student awareness, Spelling Bee, RE News, Book Club, Canteen Roster, Birthdays

  Term 3 Week 1

Newsletter for Term 3 Week 1


Reports, Sacrament of Confirmation, Holidays, School Communication, Moving Library, Enrolling for 2016, RE News, Social Skill, Skip-a-thon, NAIDOC Week


Social Skills Focus, Naidoc Week, Parent Teacher Interviews, Enrolling for 2016, Skipathon P&F Working Bee


Principal report, Mission Statement, RE News, School Website, Terra Sancta change of name, Spelling Bee Championships, Change in uniform Policy, MIPS Disco, Library News, Canteen, Birthdays


Catholic Mission, Staffing, School Hat, Uniform, Skip-A-Thon, Working Bee, Star Spot, MIPS Disco, Book Club


Staff Recognition Awards, MIPS Disco, Skip-a-thon, ICAS Maths Competition, Staffing, Uniform Shop


Maths Olympiad, Gymnastics, Working Bee, Canteen, Parent Assistance, Student Talent Showcase, Star Spot


Principal report, Validation Forms, Staffing, COSHC, Christmas hamper appeal, Child Protection, School Fees 2015, Canteen News, Birthdays, P&F News, Garden Club, PAVe


Remembrance Day, Skip-a-thon, Christmas Masses, Student Talent Showcase, Book Club News, P&F Association AGM


Principal Report, Social Skill, RE News, Working Bee, Farewell


Staffing, Students leaving MIPS, Moving day help, Working Bee, Staffing, Premier's, Reading Challenge, Thursday Celebrations, Christmas Carols, Uniform Shop, Kate Forsyth visit


Christmas Carol night, Meet the Teacher, Reports, Moving day help needed, Year 6 Graduation Mass, Christmas hamper appeal, Star Spot


Uniform shop hours, Thank you to parents, Staffing for 2015, Year 6 Graduation, Star Spot, Christmas Mass


Parish Sacramental Programme, Easter Mass, Upcoming Events, School Fees, Sport Save the Dates, Uniform Shop


Principal Report, Uniform Shop, ICAS Competition, Child Protection, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Social Skills, MIPS Sports


Open Day, Bingo Night, Child Protection, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Mark Taylor Shield, QCS, Social Skills Focus


Condolences, Parish Enrolment Evening, Sport Dates, Bingo Night, Upcoming Events, School Fees, Application for Leave and Canteen Price List Forms, Developing Literacy Partnerships


Calendar dates, Principals report, Parish Enrolment Evening Application for leave forms What is Reading Recovery, School Photos, Developing Literacy Partnerships


Parent Information Evening, School Fees, Swimming Carnival, Book Club News, Attendance


School Goals, Learning Spaces, Crossing Supervisor, Parent Information Evenings, RE News, Multiple Intelligence Theory, Swimming Carnival, Uniform trading hours


Holy Week, Principal Report, Star Spot, Sport, School Calendar, Easter Egg Raffle, Upcoming Events, Child Protection, Birthdays, Canteen Roster


Principal welcome, Winter Uniform, Electronic Newsletter, School Calendar, Child Protection, P&F Meeting, Uniform Shop


Anzac Day, Winter Uniform, Electronic Newsletter, P&F News, Child Protection, Book Club, Uniform Shop, Canteen Roster, Birthdays


Social Skills, P&F News, Upcoming Events, School Fees, St.John Paul II Enrolments


NAPLAN, Social Skills, School Fees, MIPS Disco, Uniform Shop Trading Hours, Canteen Roster, Birthdays


Walk safely to school day, Sacrament of Eucharist, School Uniform, Working Bee, Disco, NAPLAN, School Fee Accounts, Social Skills


Principal report, Parent/Teacher interviews, Enrolling for 2016, Maths Problem of the Week, School Fee Accounts, School Uniform, Kiss and Drop guidelines, Uniform Shop


Parent/Teacher interviews, Reports, Uniform Shop, Parish Mass, Enrolling 2016, Working Bee, Book Club News, Social Skills, Maths Problem of the week

  Term 2 Week 8

Principal report, Parent/Teacher Interview, Farewell Mrs. Stephens, Car Park, Uniform Shop, What is P.A.R.T.Y. Supervision, P&F, Canteen Roster

  Term 1 Week 7 2011

Principal's report Important Dates

  Term 1 Week 6 2011

Keep up to date with the latest news from Mary Immaculate Primary School!

  Term 1 Week 5 2011

Keep up to date with the latest news from Mary Immaculate Primary School!

  Term 1 Week 4 2011

Keep up to date with the latest news from Mary Immaculate Primary School!

  Term 1 Week 3 2011

Welcome to Week 3 2011!

  Term 1 Week 2 2011

Welcome back to school!

  Term 1 Week 6

MIPS School Newsletter


Welcome Back, Staffing, Mission Statement launch, Skiip-a-thon, Staff Development Day, School Website, Social Skills


Father's Day, Staffing, Student Validation, Stranger Danger, Social Skills, Staff Development Day Term 4, Star Spot, Parish Raffle, Skip-A-Thon,


Captivate, Fathers Day Celebrations, Anaphylactic awareness, P&F, RE News, Maths Olympiad, Book Club, Naplan, School Fees, Kiss and Drop, Spelling Bee


Confirmation, Jnr Alter Servers, Staff Development Day, Athletics, Youth and Young adults programme, Working bee, Book week


Principal's Report, Staff Development Day, COOSHC, RE News, Book Week, Working Bee, Parish Raffle, Peer Support, Premier's Reading Challenge, P&F News, School fees


Principal's Report, Staffing, Leave Forms, RE News,

  Term 3-week-5

Book Week, Working Bee, Staffing, RE News, Student Leader Commemorative Lunch, Leave Forms, P&F News, Social Skills, RCIA, School Fees, Parish Raffle, Cupcake Fundraiser

  Term 3 Week 3

Peer Support, Enrolment 2015, P&F, Staffing, Book Club, Kiss and Drop guidelines, RE News, Science Competition, Social Skills, Congratulations Cards, Uniform Prices


Principal's report, RE News, WriteOn, Baby News, Spelling Bee,ICAS University Competitions, Peer Support , Kiss and Drop guidelines


Message from the Principal, MIPS Social Skills, Enrolment 2015, Soccer, Principal's Maths Problem of the Week, MIPS P&F Bingo night, Stanhope Gardens Shopping


Sacrament of the Eucharist, Principal's Maths Problem of the Week, Overdue School Fees, Sport, Tips for socialising online, Shop for your school


Pastoral Care Policy, Social Skills Focus, Maths Olympiad, Application for Leave forms, 'Shop for your School', Maths Problem of the week, Enrolments 2015

  Term 2 Week 6

Principal's report, SupervisionShop for your school, maths olympiad anser, P&F, After school use of the playground equipment, Principal's Maths problem of the week, Application for Leave forms, Enrolment 2015, Canteen, Birthdays, Working Bee


Register of enrolments, Walk Safely to school day, social skils focus at MIPS, Kiss & Drop zone, Principal's Maths Problem of the week, Baby news, Working Bee, Year 1 Excursion, Year 4 Garden Team, Shop for our school, Maths olympiad


Principal's Report, NAPLAN, enrolment 2015, Principal's Maths Problem, Cross Country, Staffing News, Walk Safely to school day, MIPS Disco

  Term- 2- Week-3

Celebrating Mothers Day, Walk Safely to school Day, Entertainment Books, Maths problem of the week, Social Skills, MIPS Disco


Enrolment, Staffing, Winter Uniform, Social Skills, Maths problem of the week, Anzac Liturgy, Mothers Day Breakfast


Mother's Day Breakfast, Welcome back, Student emergency numbers, winter uniform, star spot, standard collection note, social skills, exemption from school

  Term 1 Week 11

Winter Uniform, Staffing, Parents and Friends Association, developing Literacy Partnership Programme, Premier's Reading Challenge, Lent and Easter, Year 1 excursion, Mother's Day Breakfast

  Term 1 Week 10

Staff Development Day, Staffing, Winter Uniform, Diversity Focus at MIPS, Social Skills, Uniform Shop, Parish Celebrations, Cross Country, Canteen, Birthdays

  Term 1 Week 9

Staff Development Day, Uniform opening hours, social skills, Parish Sacramental Programs, in your prayers, computer equipment, Easter Choir

  Term 1 Week 8

Open Day, bush dance, staff development day, anaphylactic reaction, student banking, school fees, holiday activities, medication, birthdays, uninterrupted learning time

  Term 1 Week 7

Bush Dance, open day, social skills, cyber bullying, working bee

  Term 1 Week 6

Ash Wednesday, Open Day, absent notes, diocesan swimming carnival, Developing Literacy partnership, Canteen news, School fees, uninterrupted learning time, social skills, working bee, 'GRIP'

  Term 1 Week 5

Zone swimming carnival Information evening for enrollments 2015, UNSW Competitions, Clean up Australia Day, Developing Literacy Partnerships, Stay smart online, Social Skills

  Term 1 Week 4

Technology in Education, Photos on facebook, Sacramental Programme, School fees, Social Skills, School photo day, Working bees, book club, Catholic Schools guide

  Term 1 Week 3

Reports to parents, social skills, What is Reading Recovery, Working Bees

  Term 1 Week 2

Principals report, Student Leaders, Epipens, P&F Meeting, School Uniform, Canteen News, Birthdays, Back to school safety tips for parents and carers.