Our Staff

Whether teaching or in the office Mary Immaculate Primary Quakers Hill staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

Our students are supported and guided by a dedicated and committed teaching staff, who are constantly involved in ongoing professional development to keep up-to-date with best practice in education.

If you need to get in touch with a member of staff below, please contact the school office.

Leadership Team

Principal Mr Stephen Dowd
Assistant Principal Mrs Sharon Mizzi

Lead Learners

Religious Education Coordinator
Mrs Moore 
Learning Technology Coordinator  Mrs Gotsis 
Literacy Mrs Behrens
Numeracy Mrs Jones
Diversity Mrs Hutton
PDHPE Miss Benjamin 

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten Mrs Young
Mrs Wolffe
Miss Grima
Year One Mrs Scarlett
Miss Demagante
Mrs Jones
Mrs Cooper-Durant
Year Two

Mrs Makari
Mrs Queixalos
Mrs George
Mrs Gotsis
Mrs Behrens

Year Three Mrs Fenech-Soler
Mrs Zahra
Miss Noble
Miss Benjamin
Year Four Miss Antonios
Mrs Milne
Mrs Kelly
Year Five Mrs Ruys/Mrs Seymour
Mr Matulewicz
Miss Bernays
Year Six Mrs Hutton
Mrs Moore
Mrs Jolly
Mrs Crooks/Miss Dann

Support Staff

Office Mrs Padlan
Mrs Grima
Mrs Henson
Library Mrs Belcastro
Learning Support Mrs Dimataga
Mrs Shanahan
Teachers Aides Mrs Desira
Mrs Fawns
Mrs Hartigan
Mrs Sammut
Mrs Scully
Mrs Holmes
Mrs Aynsley
Music Mrs Cauchi
Physical Education Mrs Cooper
Creative Arts Mrs Markham-Ward
Mrs Felizardo
Reading Recovery Mrs Cooper-Durant
Mrs Francis
Counsellor Mr Denes
LTST Mr Park
Maintenance  Mr Vincent
Mrs Collins
Mr Fernandes